Custom process research and development
Custom synthesis from milligrams to kilograms
Custom manufacture of APIs and key intermediates to hundreds of tons
Custom analytical development

The chemists at Angene excel in chemical process research and development, custom synthesis, and scale-up of key pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs. Synthetic route optimization is a key core competency of the chemistry team, which is composed of highly creative and experienced research chemists.

-Development of in-process controls,processing hold points, key process parameters, purification by crystallization, final form selection/control, and robust isolation, drying,and milling procedures

-Modern research facility, with ready access to kilo labs and pilot plant, allowing manufacture from mg to hundreds of tons scale with rapid turnaround

-Identification of key opportunities for decreasing manufacturing costs while increasing robustness

-Chemistry team stays with the project from early laboratory development through late-stage plant manufacture to ensure program continuity

-Highly experienced and proactive project management group; weekly project updates provided; final campaign/research summary reports provided upon completion of program.

-Synthesis and purification of analytical reference standards

-Large scale chromatography

-FTE available